Music Education Online

The Study of Music

Music is an endlessly fascinating topic, and other than the sheer enjoyment of listening or playing, some individuals enjoy studying the subject in-depth. This blog explores how to learn about music, whether that be through an online course or a physical academy, and which area to specialize in. Classical music is a popular genre to explore, as the history and the lives of the composers are interwoven into the subject. Others may prefer to concentrate on one particular instrument, or perhaps music from a specific country. There is also the opportunity to become a music teacher and pass knowledge on to others.

How to Succeed as an Online Music Student

10 Jun 2021

With the internet, learning music is now easier than ever. People can now find music teachers online in the comfort of their homes. To succeed as an online music student, one should choose a good instructor, respect their learning schedule, and have an excellent internet device.

Using Modes When Composing Music

3 May 2021

If you're just getting started with musical compositions and you find yourself using only the major scale for most of your pieces, it's time to investigate modes. There are seven modes of the major scale, each starting on a particular note in the scale and each with its unique sound.

Choosing a Music Teacher

7 Apr 2021

Learning music can be fun, especially if you have a good teacher or instructor by your side. However, many music enthusiasts find it difficult when it comes to choosing an instructor. A good teacher should be a great communicator, passionate about teaching music, and patient with learners, among other traits.